Sunday, March 29, 2009

As most of you know we had 3 pet rats. Because poor Breanna who LOVES animals has a Mom and Dad that don't really so much. So we compromised 2 years ago with rats. They have been good pets but thier life expectancy is only 2 years. So we knew the day was quickly approuching that they would be leaving us. Breanna's favorite one Midnight died today and she is so sad. It breaks my heart this is our first exprience with the death of a pet. So we will miss Midnight we still have the other 2 but thier days are numbered I am afraid and as much as I hate to admit it I will miss the little guys.

So we love you Bre, and are so sorry you are hurting. My Mom told her that he was in rat heaven (great place I am sure)

Midnight, Pinky and Gusgus

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Jay and Jess said...

oh thats so sad :( sorry bre.
Is he going in our pet cemetery? If so he will have lots of friends.

Jason and Laura said...

Sorry Bre... that is too sad. It's so hard losing our little animal friends :(

NatRat said...

angie you are amazing. i don't know if i could have rats in my house. it looks like she loves them so much. i have never really lost a pet, i am sure it is hard:( best of luck.