Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recently we had a Primary activity ( I am the Secretary in the primary presidency) we went to visit some elderly members of our ward that can't come to church. Isn't this little old man cute he is the same age as President Hinckley was. It was a great activity for the kids they got to do some service in our own ward. And the people we visited loved it too.
Here is Bre and Deja making the hand print flowers to give to the people

Ok some people are getting bored of my blog so I am going to post some stuff the truth of the matter is I don't take a ton of pictures and I am not long winded so I end up not writing anything . Here is Riley with her new cousin Elyse she was so excited because they matched. Look what a good big sister she will be again. So for all of you that never look at my blog anymore you may not know that yes I am pregnant. I am super excited but a little nervouse because of the last time. I just hope and pray that this time will be better and that we will have a healthy little christmas present this year.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This week we were privledged to watch our nephew and cousin Brayden so that his parents could go on a crusie together. As you can see we had SO much fun. It was all fun and games(I am not sure I am having a fourth)
Isn't he cute the kids just loved him. They really did(they didn't have to change him and make him stop crying though)
This is Doug see it was so easy he just layed around and relaxed(he is about to kill himself in this picture he was trying to exscape.)
No it was ok I don't want Andrea to feel bad it was fine. I hope they had a great time see her husband has been in Iraq and they deffinetly needed some alone time. But they are just going to owe us BIG TIME.
hahaha lol

Monday, April 7, 2008

Here is a picture of my boy on our trip he was filthy the whole time. But isn't that a cool rock that was right in our camp.

The Gray Family finally went on a vacation we have had quite a drought. So last fall we bought a tent trailer so this year we could actually do some stuff. We swore a long time ago when Riley was a baby we would never camp in a tent again. And the only thing we can pull with our van is a tent trailer but it was awesome. We had a toilet and I even got to take a shower it. Kim and Aaron invited us to come with them on a trip so we decided to try it out we were a little nervous to use our new trailer because we have never done anything like this befor and thanks to Aaron we survived. But the kids had a ton of fun with there cousins. We had a lot of fun and hopefully we will have a lot of fun this summer.
This is the rock that we were camped next to actually a rock mountain but the kids had the time of their lives climbing up and down up and down.

Oh yes and if you can't tell we went to goblin valley it is such a unique place and the kids had a ton of fun. They completed a Junior Ranger course finding bugs and they got little badges it was fun.