Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok these pictures just posted backwards and I don't have the patients right now to change them so I will do my post backwards.
We went to Eng Floral tonight to take pictures of the kids because Dawson is a pirate and they had way cute pirate stuff but do you think he would cooperate of course not and he was the whole reason I wanted to go. Oh well we got come cute ones anyways.
So here is the break down Dawson is a pirate. ( Best picture I could get in front of the Black Pearl)

Bre is Cleopatra

Riley is a Alta Cheer Leader.

Happy Halloween Everyone Love the Grays!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It was FINALLY Riley's first day of preschool. And yea I remembered my camera!!!
She is going to Mini Hawks again at Alta and she is so excited.
This her new teacher she is a little sad it isn't Becky again but she likes her teacher so far.

Another picture of her and her teacher. She was so excited I turned around to kiss her good bye and she was gone so she isn't scared.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well Last week I had my last month appointment. I also had to take to wonderful glucose test. Then the next day they called me and said that it was off so I had to go in for a 4 HOUR glucose test. I was a little freaking out that has never happened to me before granted it wouldn't be the end of the world just the end of sugar which I shouldn't eat to much of anyways. So I went in yesterday and took the test I had to fast for 12 hours before then go take blood and see if they could give me the drink. Then they gave me the drink and I had to sit there for an hour then they took my blood again then I had to sit there again for another hour. Then they took my blood again then I had to sit there for another hour is that four times. Anyways after four times of getting my blood drawn and 4 hours of sitting there and 2 crocheted hats later I got to leave and eat I was freaking starving. Then today I called to get the results and YEA I passed so don't be alarmed anyone I am going to be just fine. Thanks for all of your calls and concern.