Sunday, April 19, 2009

For Spring Break me and my Mom made plans in January to go to Sand Hollow. It was worth the wait we had so much fun. My Mom got to try out her new camper and we had our tent trailer and the kids had a blast. It was so nice to get out of the city and be where it was warm.

Dawson and Cabhan the kids had so much fun with their cousins.

Isn't it pretty. It was like a mini Lake Powell

We had an Easter Egg hunt.

Doug and the baby relaxing on the beach

Making sand castles.

We died eggs it was so much better doing it outside.

Troy and Andrea came up and met us it was so nice to spend time with them since Troy has been gone so long.

Us in our Easter outfits.

We went over to Zions it was so pretty.

We hit the Dinosaur museum in St. George the kids keep seeing the commercial for it and wanted to go so bad.
It was such a fun place to go there was so much to do and we had a great time.