Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Doug!!!!Doesn't Doug look so excited about his birthday day. He wasn't too excited he did want a party but we did make sure he had cake and a present the kids had fun anyways.

He is a little top ten to Doug so he will know who much I love him. Since it was just his birthday and it is our anniversary on Saturday.

10. He is the strongest man I know. When ever anyone needs to lift something they call Doug.

9. He works really hard and long hours ( He gets up at 4:30 a.m. and gets home at 5:30) we really appreciate it.

8. He is a great cook and likes to cook for me to when I don't feel like it that day.

7. He does all the yard work which all of us at this house appreciate.

6. He is a great listener.

5. He loves to play with his kids and be home with us when ever he can.

4. The other night he watched our kids Kim's kids and a cousin while we were at a shower and when we got home he had the house clean and the kids in there pjs enough said.

3. He helps me around the house he is my life saver.

2. He is a worth preisthood holder and he is always willing to give me or the kids a blessing when we need it.

1. He is really cute.

I love you honey. Happy Birthday and Anniversary.

We had another baby shower. Laura my cousin is having a baby this is my newest diaper cake that I made for her I think it turned out pretty cute.

This is Me my cousin's wife Emily and my Grandma. Emily is pregnant too there are 6 babies coming in our family my Grandma likes to say they are coming in litters now.

Here is the two mothers to be Jessica my sister is pregnant too and Laura. It was fun shower it turned out really cute.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Isn't it amazing the last thing you feel when you are pregnant is Radiant. I haven't posted anything for a while because our fun summer is over and I haven't had anything to take a picture about. I am growning and growing though and I have no idea where the baby is going to go and I still have a long time left. The baby moves and moves so that is fun, but I am already uncomfortable which is not fun. I finally got a body pillow which has helped a lot but it is going to be a long few months though. Ok enough complaining we are all doing well other wise.