Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok well I know that my blog is way way over due but our computers have not been working the best and now that I have a Blackberry I do every thing on there but I can't do my blog so I will try to get some stuff up from this summer. This is some pictures of Bre at 4H she made the region team which is awesome she was one of the top 16 juniors in Salt Lake County so she got to go to the region show she did really well this year. She was excited she got a trophy and a jacket.
This is Bre and her friend Dakota who is also in our group.

This is the team when they got their Trophys. We want to thank Grandma Cristine for all of the trailer rides and help at the shows Bre has the best Grandma ever and this would have not been possible otherwise.

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Amy said...

Yay!!!! your back. Don't sweat catching up it's too overwhelming just jump in where you are :)